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About Us! F.A.Q.


Why don’t you cost as much as large booking agencies?

We are independently owned & operated! This means you are not paying finders’ fees, booking agents, overhead, or monies to anyone who is will not actively be performing at your wedding. 

Another reason why we keep our costs conservative is due to competition from the DJ Service Industry. We find that a lot of couples choose a DJ due to budgetary constraints, and even a DJ can cost $1500. A popular assumption is that a wedding band will cost anywhere from $6,000 - $15,000, which is true with large booking agencies.  We’re out to crush that assumption & make quality live wedding entertainment available without compromise.  Everyone should be able to afford a live band at their wedding if they do wish, and we aim to make that dream come true! 


I found a more affordable group than yours. Why should I choose Atlantic Ave Band? 

As with most professional services, clients often get what they pay for and we have heard our share of horror stories! Our services are designed to maximize affordability while maintaining the highest quality while being segmented to allow flexibility on your budget. 

Are the musicians that appear in your “BAND” the ones who will perform at my party? 

Yes! Unlike many bands, we do not “hire any available musicians” or use substitute musicians, unless of course one of our band members is unexpectedly ill the day of your event. The players you see on our stage are the ones that play at your event. Our vocals and musical arrangements would not sound the same with anyone else. This is big distinction between Atlantic Ave and many other bands.

Regarding a potential sub due to illness, Atlantic Ave’s performers must work regularly together to be a top-notch ensemble… so rest assured we will substitute from only our select & seasoned replacements.  In fact, we would consider our subs as permanent members of our band family!


Can you provide musicians for our ceremony and cocktail hour? 

Yes!  We can discuss a variety of options that we already offer along with anything you can dream up!  Please see our pricing sheet for details.   


What if I want something that is not listed in your packages?

Just ask! We customize our services to make your day absolutely perfect!


We are a young couple whose friends like to dance to the more current songs and we were considering hiring a great DJ. Our parents have expressed their desire for us to have a band, and we just want to make sure that you guys play lots of FUN dance music and can really get the party going...?     

This is one that we get pretty often!  A wedding is a dance party for all ages – and that’s what we do best! Covering all the timeless hits from the 70’s to Today, we can guarantee your dance floor packed with memories! 


Do you also bring lighting?     

Yes!  We always provide basic stage lighting. This is absolutely sufficient, but just say the word and we will make sure to provide a superior light show.  Inquire within to discuss upgraded lighting packages to make your dream come alive. 



How To Plan With Us!


Can you hold my wedding date for me?      

Yes! We can hold a date with a signed contract and a 20% deposit!  We are happy to hold your date from 14 days of verbal commitment to give you time to review contract & mail back your deposit.  


How are payments made? 

The contract is emailed to you and the signed contract is mailed back to us along with 20% deposit. This secures your date. Balance of payment is due prior to or at the beginning of your event date. Gratuities are payable directly to the bandleader. Over-time rates, if applicable, will be either a) predetermined pricing in your contract, or b) if day of, payable at time of decision. Other payment schedules may be arranged, upon request.  Payments are made by personal check or cash.


When will you contact me (before the Wedding Day)?

We will contact you at the beginning of the week prior to your wedding reception (i.e. 2 weeks before).  At this time we will review the line-up, confirm all information, and review with you by phone or in person any last minute details or changes.  We will obtain & review the day-of itinerary with your venue planner / coordinator.


How will we work together with the band to plan our special day?

Our #1 goal is to make your entertainment planning as stress-free as possible!  The event planning can be done over the telephone, via e-mail, or even FaceTime. We are happy to have a meeting with you in person to talk about your vision and intimate details, as we value building relationships with our clients!  Although the number of clients we have along with today’s busy schedules makes this seem impossible, we promise to get together for a most magical and productive meeting at a mutually convenient day, time, and location. 

Should your schedule not permit the time and travel time associated with an in-person meeting, REST ASSURED that we are more than capable of planning & executing a successful event via mobile forms of communication! 


How & when can I get in touch with you as I am planning my day? 

You can email or text us ANY TIME!  We pride ourselves in our responsiveness, and realize how important this is in keeping stress levels down for everyone involved in the planning process. Via email or text, our typical response time is within the hour, to either answer your question(s) or confirm that we have received your request. 


Our event is outdoors, what is your policy for outdoor performances?

To protect instruments and equipment that individually can cost over $1000, we cannot perform under direct sunlight, rain, sleet, or snow.  It is always best if the client can provide secure coverage for entertainment. If you cannot provide coverage, we will be happy as a band to source & bill you for the net cost!



About The Music!


Who will select the songs the band will play? 

Our extensive song list offers many popular songs to satisfy every one of your guests! We will gladly learn your First Dance, Father/Daughter, and Mother/Son dance requests that are not in our repertoire. We only ask that you let us know what your special requests are 60 days prior to your affair.


Do we have input into what songs will be played by your band?

We will provide you with a questionnaire approximately 6-8 weeks before your wedding day. This package includes a song list of all of our performed material (same as you’ve viewed on our website).  We ask that you review this list and check off the songs that you like and cross out any selections you don't want played.  On the day of your wedding we will work from the list you have created.  We are also extremely capable of getting a feel for what your guests are responding to, and performing music we are sure will pack your dance floor.


How specific should I be with my musical requests?

When you hire Atlantic Ave Band, you not only hire us for our musicianship, but equally or more for our learned ability to get your guests of all ages having the time of their life!  We welcome your requests and styles of music you would like or NOT like to hear, but it’s definitely not necessary to try to hand pick the entire song list for the night. Of course you can! But our strength is being able to read & engage your audience. 


Our First Dance is a song that is not on your list, will you learn it for us? 

Yes! Some songs are more well-suited to our vocalists and sound than others, and we will know when to recommend having our on-board deejay spin the original version for you. If you prefer the original artist's version, we are just as good with spinning the original for you. There are also some songs that we have performed only a few times as first dances that do not appear on our list, so just ask! 


Our First Dance is a long song, but we love the original artist version...can you do an edit?

YES!  Many songs are twice as long as you will need for your dance, and we provide this service at no extra charge!  Whether we are performing your song live as a band or DJ-style, as long as you advise us beforehand, we will take care of the rest. 


Can one of our guests sit in with the band?

Yes! Double yes… we love this!  BUT… as long as this is authorized by the Bride & Groom, and they must bring their own instrument, with the exception of drummers, pianists, or vocalists. 



About Your Wedding Day!


When does the band setup? 

The band's set-up personnel arrive 2.5hrs prior to our start time. Other arrangements can be made if necessary. It typically takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to pack up at the end of the engagement.


How much space does the band need? 

We can consolidate to your venue’s dedicated space. We have performed without constraint in spaces as small as 12 ft Wide X 10 ft Deep, but any available expansion will allow our musicians to perform in their space without constraint. 

Will the band perform at a volume that is comfortable for me and for my guests?

YES!  Since Atlantic Ave Band works with a professional sound company, the sound engineer is constantly monitoring the room to adjust volumes to compliment dinner hour conversations and dance crowds alike.  In addition, the bandleader is also actively monitoring the crowd, stage & room volumes to create a comfortable balance for all of your guests. As the dance music sets evolve during the event, we are always available to execute your request to adjust the volume of the band.


Who does the emceeing and coordination between the caterer, band, photographer, and videographer? 

We do. You've no doubt spent a lot of time planning and organizing your reception over the last year. Your only job that day should be to relax and be in the moment. Leave all the logistics to us and feel assured that everything will run smoothly, as planned.


Do you have a wireless mic so that we can do our toasts from the head table? 



How will you handle the flow of events, the introduction of the bridal party and the special dances?

You'll receive a copy of our wedding or party procedure form in advance that allows you to specify how the day's events will be handled.  You’ll fill this out, and then review it with our bandleader to ensure accuracy & proper name pronunciation.


How will you coordinate the timing at my wedding?

No sweat!  Our bandleader will obtain the itinerary from your wedding/event coordinator and review this with you for accuracy.  We work closely with your coordinator, caterer, and venue day-of to ensure seamless announcements & music. 

If you have any questions at all about the flow of events for the day, just ask! Did you know that our bandleader, Nina, holds 5 years of Wedding & Event Coordination experience at a country club, IN ADDITION TO running & coordinating our wedding band?  She is happy to offer her insights and experience from both back and front of the house, make recommendations, and answer your questions. 


Do we have to provide dinner for the band members?

We would greatly appreciate this as we rarely have time to eat due to travel time, setting up, or playing through mealtimes.  Weddings are typically a 10-12hr workday for the musicians and sound engineer with no breaks. 


How often will the band take a break, and for how long?

As we are conscientious about providing the maximum amount of time for dancing, we customarily take 1 break during a standard 2.5-3.0hr dance set, and 2 breaks if also playing Dinner Hour. Breaks are approximately 10-15 minutes, unless dinner is being served and time is dependent upon the venue’s vendor meal servings.


What happens when the band takes a break? I don't want my party to stop!

We will DJ during our breaks, supplying your affair with a seamless & wide variety of musical styles. We will accommodate any request that you make prior to your event (to ensure we have the songs), and try to accommodate any requests during these breaks that are approved by the Bride and/or Groom.  We invite you to send us your requests for the break music, or even every single song we play!  This is YOUR day!



General Band Info!


Aside from musical skills, what else should I be looking for in a band for a wedding?

An experienced wedding band is usually well versed in the flow of events at a wedding. It is the band’s job to work with the function director and other professionals involved, in coordinating the different events that take place. For example, the band needs to make sure the photographer and videographer are informed before they begin the cake-cutting ceremony. The band will usually provide you with a sheet to fill out indicating the names of the people to be introduced, special dance selections and all of the other details regarding the events that will take place at your wedding reception. The band then keeps track of when these events are to take place during the reception and makes sure that nothing is forgotten and the reception flows. The band leader should either meet with you in person or by phone within a few weeks prior to your event to review the details.


Should the size of my party determine the size of the band? 

With the exception of a small combo for small parties (under 30 people), the size of the band should not be related to the size of the party. What is important is that the band plays the right music at the right volume for the room.


Do you have any other helpful hints or suggestions?

Yes, here are a few:

Ask your venue if they require liability insurance from the band, as this is an added expense.

Older guests are often very sensitive to sound, even at low volumes. Although volume is never an issue with Atlantic Ave Band, please consider the preferences of your guests.  When creating your seating plan for the reception, be sure to seat the older guests away from the band. They'll thank you for it!

Good planning and communication will enable us to do the best possible job of maintaining a smooth flow of events. Be sure to get all of your special requests to the band as early as possible.  

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